Sunday, 14 June 2009

Najane Kaun

Badli.. badli si hai kyun ye fiza
Khafa.. khafa sa kyun hai ye mausam
Hone laga kya ab yahaan
Pyaar hi pyar tha jahaan

Khoon ka rang har jagah
Nafrat ki aag har dil mein
Ek duje se aisa bhi kya gila
Ladd ke kisi ko kabhi kya mila

Ye ladai shuru hui kyun
Khatam karta kyun nahi koi
Dard hota hai dekh kar ye sab
Bacha le iss desh ko ae mere rab

Khush hai ye sab dekhar Najane Kaun
Nafrat peda kar raha hai Najane kaun
Desh ko barbaad kar raha hai Najane Kaun.
Hum sab ko mita ne laga
Najane Kaun...

I can go on about this topic.But its always too heartbreaking & very very controversial.So i leave it here :)
All we can do is pray for peace.


rabbit said...

very well written

Hopeless Romantic said...


I am very sad today...India losssst....couldnt sleep till 4 am :((((

Hopeless Romantic said...

anyways, coming back to the poem...i can understand what ru trying to say. But everything boils down to making stricter rules, following them, and removing corruption ! Till such things doesnt happen, it would be tough not to have riots etc, they would always come up due to one reason or another!

Hoping the best for India!

Anonymous said...

its high time people realize what harm they do while catering to self interests of few ! verryyy touching but sad psot ..

PULKIT said...

the saddest point of being a human...
we have evolved as creatures who know to love little and to hate a lot!!

Ms.R. said...

I really wish they'd teach every kid this poem. So dardbhari. Well written :D

fms1988 said...

@ Rabbit thnks :)

@Amit that defeat killed me.all day i been low i jus wanted england to lose & they have so feelin a bit better(im so mean i know :( )
True issue will always come up for one reason or the other.

@ Pulkit & Pretty Me thanks for your views. :)

@ Ms.R Aww...chal koi nahi if they done teach there kids u make sure u teach ur kids...Lol :P

neeraj_only said...

I can say ,"hamse na dekha jae barwadio ka sama " . Stop hatred

i just wish who spread hatred just stop the same at once.

Like always , fms u hv written b'fully. Nice change from trivial 'boy-girl-love-theme'.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


I would be honest on this....

There are few corrections that i think can be done..

1st stanza

u can use "samaa" instead of mausam.. as it rhyme well and adds meaning too, compared to what mausam does it..

2nd stanza

yeh ladaai shuru hui kyun
khatam nahi koi karta kyun

looks appropriate to me...

I dont think gila is used wrongly, in that line... just check once for the mentioned ones.

You shouldnt stop writing fearing controversies...its your own blog where you can freely share your thoughts..



Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

Hey fatima..

Kajal(the pink orchid) here.. how are you doing? this poetry touched me..and is wonderfully written.. the only thing that kept ringing aloud in my head is 'na jaane kyun'..

take care girl..see you around..missed your writes..


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