Thursday, 4 June 2009

Something Special

This might be a weird post...actually if u guys remember sometime back i got tagged & wrote 10 things about me,Well this time im not tagged but after reading that tag my hubby wrote some things about me,I was thinking shall i post it or not...& now im sitting here posting it !

So here is what HE has to say about me :

You are a very good hearted person ( i :P )

You hold unconditional love for me ( How do u know that ?)

Your the PERFECT wife (I know :D)

You are sooo sweet..Just like sweets (Lol....paagal.)

You are very beautiful & ur light eyes make u look even more beautiful (Blushingggg)

When it comes to cleaning..then ur a cleanaholic (:D)

Very emotional (smiles...thats soooo true)

Lovely poetess (If u say so :P )

Very talented..Sharp & intelligent (Ohh...too much praise)

You make delicious food specially Pasta & Nachos (Hungry are you ?)

Addicted to your laptop (And you...:D)

Even when ur happy u listen to sad songs & cry for no reason (So what,Im emotional :) )

Love to save money (Obviously ...i need to buy a flat in mumbai LOL !)

3 things u cant live without Mobile,Laptop & Me (Ur 1st honey :) )

You love going to Coffee shops.For hot choc or ur Black coffee (Ok...lets go now )

Love to be surprised with gifts,cards & red roses (Only if its from YOU !:D )

Very punctual & you like to finish your work as fast as u can (so then i can chill )

You love my parents & 2 brothers with all your heart (Of course i love them & they not only Yours u know )

The biggest dream u have is to settle in Mumbai ( sure is )

You dont like it when i get upset (I hate it :( )

You love your sleep (Excuse me..You sleep more than me :P )

You hate that i smoke (Arghhh i cant stand it-Bu still put up with it !)

You loveee to buy the best designer perfumes,Sandals & bags (I wanna go shopping now)

Your CD & DVD collection holds all the originals of ur fav music & movies & u cant stand it if any of them get misplaced. (True true VERYYY TRUE !)

And lastly your a wonderful human & loved by everyone who knows you especially the two families you belong to :) If more is said this blog will be full !! :P (Awwweee i know you guys love me chooo much love u too !)


I got a very sweeet b'day surprise from Ms.R so i just wanna thank her with all my heart,Im really touched R thanks ever so much.Love ya :)


Girl Next Door said...

Ohhh.... That was sooo Sweet... Yout Hubby loves you so much... May God Bless you both :)

Girl Next Door said...
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Girl Next Door said...

And one more thing , HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR :) ... Manny Happy Returns of the Day ... Enjoy :)

~PrIncEsS nUcHu~ said...

Hey Sweetie.. You must be really lucky! Masha allah..

Not all husbands observe their wives like this.. if they do also they dont dare to say it out!

Masha allah.. God bless you both!

From your husband notes.. I noticed one thing.. You are more like me!


Ms.R. said...

Ohhhh Mashallah. This was soo cute. I was readin it takin my own sweet time with a smile on my face. and those comments of urs in thr brackets. awwweeee. Have a great birthday hun! Love ya!

fms1988 said...

@ GND thanks sooo much :D

@ Princess i do consider myself VERY lucky (Touchwood)

@ Ms.R i was smiling too when i read all those lil things he wrote abt me :)

Pretty Me!! said...

Happy b'day fms !! i too love your blog and you indeed are a good poetess :)

Pretty Me!! said...

@Even when ur happy u listen to sad songs & cry for no reason

n i thoutght i m alone being crazy ;)

mysterious gal said...

aww that was just so cute! ur hubby indeed loves u a lot :-) Masha Allah...May Allah bless u both with loads of happiness
and ya indeed ur a great poet
Happy Birthday gal enjoy a lot :-)

fms1988 said...

@ Pretty Me thanks...:) trust me ur not the only crazy one i get so senti listenin to sad songs :P

@ Nabs Ameeen ! yea he's such a darling loves me sooo much .
Thanks for the wishes

neeraj_only said...

Waw fms!
So nicee & caring hubby.

Me did this tag :p...chk karna

Satans Darling™ said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww this is so cute! You're blessed :)


fms1988 said...

@ Neeraj & Ash thank's :)

Vinnie said...

Many happy returns of the day girl!

God bless u both! what a lovely pair:)

fms1988 said...

@ Vinnie thank you sooooo muccch :D

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

After so many poems, i have witnessed a prose from you and that to in the form of humor...

I liked it...especially the unsaid feelings expressed next to said dialogues..

Good one..

P.S : many many happy returns of the day


fms1988 said...

@ Mahesh thank you...I am really diff to what my poems make me look as !

The poems come from deep within & this is my reality :D

Thanks for the wishes.

Hopeless Romantic said...

Mohsin has great observation power and i like all the comments specially the addicted to ur laptop one :P

btw, smoking is injurious to health. reduce/stop it :)


fms1988 said...

@ Amit..He's trying to quit.
& trus me im addicted to him :P

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