Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I miss ...

I miss the warmth of the sun
The smell in the air
The essence in the flowers
The flowing rivers

I miss the place that makes my heart shine
The people who welcome me with a smile
The joy of being there
The culture that lies there

I miss the country i call mine
The land of dreams
The cities of togetherness
The villages of strength

I miss the place where..
I have left my heart & soul
The place where i left my dreams
The place where i one day want to be

I miss India..
The bonds that remain there
The land where i found love
The land that gifted me happiness
The land that is truly called my own.

(Picture courtesy FMS April 2008)


IcE MaiDeN said...

hey... dat was a really amazing poem. gosh!! u made me realize hw ill miss this place whn i ll go away fro my studies. :( :(

nahhhiii !!! mujhe nai jana kahii!!! :'( :(

it was so so true n straight frm d heart. dts wht i luv abt ur work.

kepp writin,
Annie. :)

neeraj_only said...

missing india!! ...touching....

india is truely many things one can miss about here. :)

p.s: u clicked the photu...i can say waw!!

fms1988 said...

@ Annie after lont time down at my blog lovely to see you.

Trust me you leave India you will miss it like mad.I wasn't even born there but i still miss it soooooooo much :(

Keep visiting :)

@ Neeraj ha missing india :(
& thx for appreciating my snap :D will share more some day.

Hopeless Romantic said...

ahh...that was like really nice :)

bharat mata ki jai :D

Nice new blog template...way to go lady !


Ms.R. said...

huuugggzzzzz :D

fms1988 said...

@ Amit thank's :D i loveee INDIA !!

@ Ms.R *Hugzzzzz*:D

CutePriya said...

Awww...There is no place on earth like home...Lovely poem indeed

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Well......someone is missing india..

Hmmmm.... so you write poems on topics other than love too..:p

Nice that was.......

I felt you could have used some other pic which matches your poem...nevertheless that was my thought...


fms1988 said...

@ Priya true no place like home wel lmy home is UK.But dunno why i have a very very strong bond with India.

@ Mahesh yeaa i write poems other than love :P

I chose tht pic coz its a symbol of love :) & i found tht love in India.

M Riyadh Sharif said...

Nice poem dude... Know what... I'm in my country but not in my town for study reasons... and yet... I miss my hometown a lot! It's going to be hard for me if I ever have to cross the border.

Vinnie said...

:) beautiful!
i liked the tri-color concept too...nice piece!

take care..

fms1988 said...

@ M Riyadh Hope u dont have to cross the border & u suceed in life in your country :)

@ Vinnie finally someone comments on the colour :P
Thanks hun.

Keep visiting !

Sameera said...

Creativity at its best!

Wonderful poem! Nice theme :D

And well posted. The colours of the font. Amazing!!!!!


fms1988 said...

@ Sameera thanks ever so much :D

Zeba Talkhani said...

Being an NRI I never felt that bond with my country. But now thst I have been here for almost a year, without my parents I understand how my parents feel about coming back 'home'! I like this place and I will miss it. But for me home will always be Saudi Arabia. That's where I have left everything of mine!! Can't wait to go back.

I love the style. Simple and touching!

sawan said...

beautiful!! hope u wud come visit India soon. May all ur dreams come true. God bless ya :)

fms1988 said...

@ Zeba i understand ur views aswell my bros like india alot too but they dont seriously tke it as thier home coz they have evrything here in UK.So i guess it's jus some of us get more attached than other's.

@ Sawan welcome here :)
I got back from India in Jan & spent alot of my time there last year :D cant wait to be there again,Thanks for the wishes :)

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