Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tagged,10 things bou me

Well this is my first tag given to me by Sam :)
So here i go 10 things about me :

1.I love my husband with all my heart & soul,,We been married for a year & my life has changed alot since then :)

2.I really enjoy writing sad poetry even when im not sad,I just get a buzz out of it & i really feel sad poetries are the best

3.My dream is to settle in India that too in Mumbai.I love it there

4.I feel lost if i dont have my internet with me.I have to come online everyday call it an addiction if u wish..

5.I have a phobia but i cant type what it is ,bcoz my phobia is so bad i cant even hear the name or type it.Your prob wondering what it is,It's an animal it starts with S ! yea there's a movie "S___ on a plane" (my hands are shaking just typing about it :( ) IT'S A REALLY BAD PHOBIA!even if i end up catching a glimpse while flicking the T.V channel i scream & worst i cant sleep at night & it just runs in my head all day !:( I'v actually seen 2 whilst i was in India & only my husband could handle me after that ...
(Gone blank after mentioning that ..anyway let me carry on)

6.I love sour sweets(I know i might sound like a kid) but when my parents or my husband get sweets for my niece lil bro & sis they always get me some too ...:P

7.Im a gadget freak Mobiles,I pods,Laptops,Digi Cam's i love to have the best of them

8.My both families mean everything to me.I have a lil bro & sis who i treat like my kids :)

9.I hate fake people....& appreciate if people can just BE WHO THEY ARE instead of acting who they are not.

10.My culture my morals my religion play a very big part in my life.& It all has made me who i am today.

Thats it...sorry if you got bored :D

I tag:
I Am Alive


neeraj_only said...

waw !! dear fms has tagged me.. i'm so happy...will surely do this thing...even though i had done one tag called " 25 things about me "....padhna kabhi..... no-one was there to read that then..lolz

i had done that tag without being tagged by anyone :P

coming back to your this post ..
finally i got chance to know interesting things about you...( err...... boring things as well...lolz )

Your phobia made me smile.....don't let the gadgets bug u..'freak'.. but no one is spared by gadgets

CutePriya said...

Cool post Sweety... I too hate fake people...and can't fake personally "What I am, I am"...

And as far as sweets are concerned 'girls love them'...I also have friends who are so crazy after them

fms1988 said...

@ Neeraj ...Look forward to reading yours :)

@ Priya yea i guess the sweets are a girl thing.

Hopeless Romantic said...

Ophidiophobia ...i hope i have the spelling right..that is called as the phobia of snakes...i love the movie though :)

nice post..but why u have passed the tag to me..u know hw torchorous i feel now :P

i would do this tag, sometime later but in a different sense.watch it !


The Pink Orchid said...

could relate to you in certain points (all the points except the marriage related ones.. i am yet to be married) :) hugs!

Vinnie said...

hehhehe..snakes se dar lagtha hain..come on! i tho play with them:)
i hate fakeys too!
good to know 10 things about u, but most of the things was already obvious from ur poetic expressions:) kuch ajeeb-o-gareeb cheezen bathani thi na..bada mazaa atha!
n may ur wishes come true:)

Hare Ram, mujhe kyon tag kiya?? i have done the 25 wala version, upar se 30 points daal diye the...check it: http://vinsthepooh.blogspot.com/2009/03/25-wala-bug.html

Enjoy! sorry if u get bored!

fms1988 said...

@ Amit i jus got a shock to read the name on my blog :( iv not wchd the movie Obviously! but i thinkk every1 i know has :P & they all say "No chance you can sit thru that movie"
Hell im gettin scared again!Arghhh i hate being this scared!

@ Kajal marriage is the best bit :P

@ Vinnie dont mention the nameeee.pleaseeee!
Yea hope my dreams come true..tu mumbai ki hai na..?Will join u there someday ..lol
Ajeeb stuff next time maybe...waise bhi i hardly give out what i am :P
Gna chk ur tag now :)

Sameera said...

Okay!! SO now I know you a little more. :D

Sad poetry -- hmmm.. I prefer to imagine happy stuff. :)

I understand the phobia.(No- I don't have it but yeah- I understand!)

Your ideals, attitude good!

Great that you have people whom you love and they love you back. Good Bless!(touch wood!)

What's boring...??
I guess my long comment! :P

Ms.R. said...

Why did you tag me Fatima? Don't you know we are clones!!!

You know, obviously, we are so alike that 9/10 things (at least) are the same. But what I'd like to mention is the sad poetry thing. So true! People think I'm sad but I'm not. Hehehe.

Another one is the phobia. I have a phobia for everything that is living and not human basically. I'm scared of ALL animals, birds and insects. I mean it's okay at a glance. But anyway within 3 feet radius will get me so shaky! Ewww... Shudders!

And I'm not that big a fan of sweets but I love sour stuff :D

Loved reading the tag hon!

fms1988 said...

@ Sam ...good to know u understand the phobia!:)ur comments are never boring :)

@ Ms.R yea i know we are clones but just checkin if there's anything thts lil diff :P
I'll look at any animal IF i have to but i cant even stand the site of just that one.Trust me i almost end up crying even if i just see it on T.V it's so bad :(

Quest said...

I had a dream of swimming with snakes....they were multicolored :) and the dream ran more than the longest bollywood movie ....It was wonderful :D


fms1988 said...

@ Quest THANK you VERY much for sharing your dream coz it's deff not gonna let me dream 2nite :)

Preeti said...

nice to know about you ...interesting things ...

I hate fake people and hypocrites ...cannot tolerate them at all ....

fms1988 said...

@ Preeti u found it interesting :D Thats nice.!

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