Thursday, 9 April 2009

All you need to know about me

Talking about myself isn't so hard & i can just go on & on kidding.

My name is Fatima i was born on 4Th June 1988 which makes me a Gemini & yep 20yrs old.
Born & bought up in West Yorkshire England my roots belong to India & honestly speaking my heart belongs there too.I totally love my motherland you might come to know later maybe how much i really love India.

I'm very friendly understanding & caring soft hearted...well that's what my close ones say...oh yea & a few of them say i talk a lot!I've always been told since childhood that i think & act older than my age which i probably am starting to agree with now :). That's why i think i got married early.yep... don't get shocked I'm married...i got married last year in March(2008) & to be very honest my husband is one of the best friends i have. so...touchwood I'm very happy lucky & grateful to Almighty for giving me such a lovelly soulmate.

I love to write & read poetry which you probably have read in the introduction page i surf the net read books like to watch movies,i watch football every now & then with my brothers & my husband incase your wondering who i support then im a Liverpool fan..:) .

Can be a bit of a philosopher sometimes but i do just share it all with close friends.Then again i guess we all seem to have our own philosophies towards life so nothing bad in that.

Umm...thats about it really rest i guess you will come to know through the posts.
Oh yeah..just one more thing as you know my blog id is fms1988 so just to let you know where that comes from, FMS is my initials & 1988 is my birth year.

See ya around.


Ms.R. said...

:o My initials are FRS and we have a lot in common :D

Common Man said...

no comments....... fms1988..... if u wrote little more i will go mad......pls write more..... about u n your husband......i m not kiddin.... plsss....its a request.

fms1988 said...

@ M.s R its nice to know we have alot in common.:D apni jamegi

@Common Man u really want me to write more about me & my hubby i can go on forever :P what you wanna know...?

Ms.R. said...

He can't believe we're so similiar. Ended up asking me if this is my other blog! LOL

fms1988 said...

@ Ms.R. Lol...ur kidding....?

Ms.R. said...

Nope. I'm not (:

fms1988 said... love to know whats so common between us..?

Miss Sunshine said...

yaaa...please write more about your's so fascinating :)
real waala, and yeah ur pretty much like Ms. R. *she's a nikaami though)
LOL :)
keep writing, ur one hell of a wunnerful writer :D

fms1988 said...

@ Appu thanks hun,will write more about my life when something worth writing comes along..:P lol

Siya said...

Nice to know about you Fatima!! :) :)

fms1988 said...

@ Siya..Pleasure is all mine.

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