Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Media Hype !!

(This is written as a personal view,It does not intend to offend anybody in media or connected with media)

I was just watching news the other day & saw in the headlines "Suzzane roshan bacho ke saath ghar aur Hrithink ko chod ke gayi" OK...she left home with her kids so now this is the media "Hrithik ka uske kites ke co-star Barbara moore se gehre rishtey aur kareebi wajah hai ke suzzane ko apne bacho ke saath ghar chodna pada" And you can just imagine the rest how much masala the news actually had.I felt so irritated yet continued to watch to see what extent these media guys go to.And what totally sucks is when they repeat one thing over & over & show it still e.g"Hrithik ki shaadi aise mode pe hai jo tootne waali hai.STILL.tootne waali hai"(U know how they do in these saas bahu serials Arghhh !!!)

The media nowadays are really losing it making a huge issue out of small things,We know they are celebs but they get treated as though they are not humans but from another species !!
Every little thing that they do or that happens to them is breaking news..Why..?
I mean i know one thing we really are not short of news in the world ,there's worrying issues all over despite that we still get to see weird news ..

Oh & just in case ur wondering if Suzzane has really left home then yes she has but the reason is.."Suzanne had to shift out of their flat last week with the two kids as their ceiling is undergoing anti-termite treatment. The kids can't stay at home while the treatment is going on so Suzanne is staying at her mom's place. Suzanne should be back home in a couple of days when work gets over," says Hrithik’s sister Sunaina.

And not like Suzzane stayed quiet over the issue either here is her take,“Hrithik and I are very upset with the story of our so-called split. Nobody can break my marriage with Hrithik. We are together. Our relationship is very strong. Hrithik is with me in my parents’ home. I don’t know where this rumour originated. When I tell Barbara what happened we will have a good laugh together. We are all friends and she has come to our home many times.”

There u go ..simple reason & the media speculates & claims that a happy married couple are breaking up!

If i walk out the door today & shift in another place while my husband is away it's not going to be breaking news & neither will people say my husband is having an affair !Jeez it's pretty harsh on those that are a part of this so called "Breaking news"

Another recent one is the SRK & Aamir issue poor guys came together with other film producer's & distributors to solve an issue yet the media is finding a motive behind it I'm not the only one saying this, here is what Taran Aadarsh had to say..

"I am shocked at the kind of stories a section of the film media cooks up to attract eyeballs, at times. Everyone knows that Aamir and SRK lent their complete and absolute support to the producers/distributors on the multiplex issue. But a section of the media has been discussing: [i] Who delivered a 'better speech', [ii] Who 'looked better', while a few others decided to call it a ‘publicity stunt' [!!!]. It's disgusting!

Aamir and SRK have never stooped so low ever, even when they needed hits to cement their status as superstars. One can vouch for Aamir, SRK, even Hrithik, Saif and Shahid; they'd never pull a stunt to stay in limelight or plug their new release. You can accuse a few top actors of doing so, not them.

Also, why are we forgetting that both Aamir and SRK are producers as well and this solidarity was a step in the right direction?A section of the media loves to hallucinate at times. Had Aamir and SRK stayed away from this issue, the same media would've flogged them for not siding with their brethren. Now that they've rightfully stood by the producers/distributors, it's being described as a 'publicity stunt'.A few people also feel that the actors haven't buried their differences, despite the show of solidarity last week. Chalo, maan lo, even if they do have differences over certain issues, when did they ever proclaim that they would swear by each other henceforth? The fact is, they came together for a cause and we should genuinely appreciate the effort.
It's about time the media gets its act right!"(Source Bollywoodhungama.com)

Well he just said it all for me didn't he.They(Celebs)try to do something good but someone has to find a masala story for it & what do we get a nice masala story for breaking news!that is usually totally untrue..U can NEVER trust media when it comes to celebs that's for sure!

And whats more appalling is that we the public have such a huge interest in it that all the masala writers get persuaded to work harder to come up with another lie !!
This was just 2 examples,I can go on all night with more & dead sure u guys can join me as well coz we've all seen it !

Another thing is bollywood is deff on the heavier side of the scale when it comes to breaking news,You wont find it on American or British breaking news that "Angelina Jolie slaps Bradd Pitt over nanny back massage" I'm not saying it didn't make news it did but in the right place in a celeb gossip show or magazine.

So what our Indian media need to learn is bollywood does have its place but... on talk shows magazines etc(that too learn to not exaggerate on issues!).But on news to show such silly things is pathetic especially if you show it as though the world has just fallen apart.Come on people get a life India is huge & unfortunately under going some really bad stuff that common people should be aware of !!

God bless them!


Hopeless Romantic said...

This is all media paparazzi....even though its irritating, its nt even at half level of what it is in Hollywood..where ppl get married, divorced for money n fame..where girls get huge amount of money from the media for giving first snaps of their babies after delievery...its sickening..But India is catching up big time....I better ignore such stuff now..i read headlines n leave it then n there !!


Ms.R. said...

Yaar pehli hi itni we got so much of tension in our own lives. With the elections coming up, they're worried about white ants and what not. God! Paparazzi! They need a break.

fms1988 said...

@Amit:Yep in hollywood it is bad i know but they put the right news in the right place!Unlike bollywood news it's put before such serious issues which i think is digusting!:) Thanks for readin


Siya said...

Arrey..these people really have nothing better to do! LOL..and I can bet my ass this was India TV or one of those lame-ass channels who have a daadhi wala baba doing kaala-jaadoo at night ! =D

Oh and I'd rather you say: "This is totally directed towards the media. Eff you ass*****!!!" instead of the disclaimer. they can really do nothing. Loserrrrrs! :-L LOL LOL :D :D

Cheers! :)

fms1988 said...

@ siya thanks for the backup hun! Lol & yea india tv...sure sucks !!
Kaal jaadu at night LOL !!!!

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