Thursday, 23 April 2009

Forbidden Love

After quietly taking short sips of coffee Nikki finally broke the silence to get a conversation started "You know i have moved on now " she said in her soft voice.

But James wasn't ready to accept the fact that she has, he couldn't believe the girl who was once madly in love with him is now loving someone else. Not knowing how to react he held his coffee mug hard.Nikki could see the anger James was hiding inside him.

"But Nikki you promised you'll never stop loving me you assured me it will last forever" He said .

"James you & i both know nothing lasts forever,You were never mine ,you were... & always will be hers" Nikki's voice still had a concern hidden for Jame's.But maybe not the concern James wanted he knew this wasn't his Nikki that was madly in love with him,She had changed which he never wanted.

James was very quiet that evening in the coffee shop, the conversation was cold.When their eye's would meet Nikki would quickly turn away & look at the rest of the couples in the coffee shop.She was being very formal it was clearly visible she was extremely uncomfortable.
"Nikki what is he giving you that i cant? "James asked after a short while.

"James....." She paused, took a sip of coffee & continued " he has given me his entire life which you have already given to someone else,You have loved me when you were married your wife does not deserve that, You shouldn't have dont that & neither should have i , it's my fault as much as it 's yours"

"Then why the hell didn't you think of that before when you were in love with me didn't you feel then ..that I'm cheating on her,didn't you can you bloody change like this all of a sudden ?" James was starting to lose his cool.

"Don't talk to me in that tone,You have no right ! i was stupid then i was foolish i regret it all & what do u mean all of a sudden im married dont you get it." Nikki was getting very upset with the situation but did not want it to get out of control.She was finding it hard to explain to him.
"Look James let me tell you very clearly,Im married now i love my husband & i can't even think of betraying him the way you betrayed your wife.I'm not saying it was all your fault it was mine too for loving you knowing your a married man.I was too naive but now I'm not like that. I can see things clearly.I made a mistake which I'm sorry for you REALLY have to accept the fact i don't love you anymore i love my husband that's it."

James eyes were filled with tears he was totally shocked at the way Nikki spoke to him, It was almost unbearable for him.Although Nikki knew it hurt James, she was feeling relieved after letting go of what was deep in her heart.Both of them remained quiet until the phone rang it was Nikki's husband Rahul "Hey honey,I'll be with you shortly just sitting with James having a coffee. "

"O.k sweetheart , Just come soon miss you " Rahul replied.
"Miss you too" Nikki's voice was filled with so much love for Rahul.
"Your darling husband was it " James asked in a jealous voice

"Yea.....,I guess i should get going now Rahul know's what our past was so i dont want him to feel insecure, which he might if i sit here too long, & we are going for dinner tonight so i really dont want to get late" She hurriedly said.

"Hmm ..Fine go ahead,But remember one thing I'll always love you Nikki " The pain could be heard through James voice

"James...You have said it today don't ever say those words again to me please. I only have one place in my heart & that is for Rahul,He is the only person that has right to say those words to me." She said as she was getting up from her chair.
"Bye James please take care of yourself." Nikki smiled & started to walk away leaving James behind.As she walked further away from the table & out the door James broke down in tear's.Thousands of thoughts were going through his mind his heart was broken like never before.

"Why did this happen to me..?I gave her so much love.Never did wrong to her how could she do this to me!! " He had so many questions in his mind and he would only get one answer "God has broken my heart only because i broke my wife's heart,Maybe it's true love is forbidden once your heart already belongs to someone."
P.S I Dont really write much short stories,This just went with the flow & i pretty much enjoyed it . :) Don't know what you guys think of it ..Lemmi know


IcE MaiDeN said...

Heyyy...first to comment!!

Amazing story.. D flow never broke. I loved the simple lines u used insteadof elaborate words tht most ppl use.. It touched a chord inside me.

(Pssst... I m SUPPOSED to be off Blogsville.. bt i couldnt help bt come n checl whts goin on.. heheh..)

P.S: Even i dont knw how i fare at fiction and i wud really appreciate ur comments on "Everything Changes" :)

Ms.R. said...

WOW! You write awesum fiction! I loved it!!! Tooo good! Waiting to see more of it from you hun! :D

Miss Sunshine said...

hey hey hey! Brilliant story. Loved it. :)
it was so charmingly narrated! :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

very well written....first time is always special...keep on writing :)

fms1988 said...

@ Annie sooo good to see your reply woh bhi first :D

Will be reading yours very soon.

@ Ms.R Thank you...:)My posts are incomplete without your feedback!Coz it's like feedback from myself ..LOL !!

@ Sunshine :D :D Thanks a ton !

@ Amit Yea this one is very speacial.

Ms.R. said...

Talk about being clones! I wrote a poem too called Forbidden Love. ;) LOL! Not the same though. But I wouldn't hve been surprised! We're sooo alike!

Ms.R. said...

Owwwwww!! You're like my bhoot... Or am I yours? Don't matter! We're clones! LOL!

Girl Next Door said...

Hmmm..... Interesting One... Loved it :)

Sameera said...

I think it was a wonderful story!! Beautifully written!! :)

Keep writing!

mysterious gal said...

i loved this work of urs...this is how one can define perfect absolutely flowing fiction which is totally apt to the title....the real kind of forbidden love...human's love forbidden fruits but then can neone ever forbid love because where it has to grow it will grow...just makes life too complicated to understand

Love your writes :D

Anonymous said...

MIND BLOWING !!I dont know who you are but one thing iv got to say you have penned down something sooo close to someone's reality !
Im glad i just ended up coming to your blog.
Keep writing.

P M said...

hey awesome close to reality..such stories do happen.. n i just love d moral of forbidden love..

Devil Incarnate... said...

Beautifull written story n u didnt broke the flow.. good one..

neeraj_only said...

comment time!!....i love this part after reading blog entries...

well written.......writing stories won't be difficult for u..being such a good poetess....thumbs up...write on many

And 'pyar-ke-twists' and 'side-effects' keeps us guessing....lovely world of love :P

ki said...

Hey! :)

Okay honest comment, I've been in a relationship AND loved someone else at the same time. It's difficult to divide your love or justify what you're doing but once a decision is made, it's made. Just like Nikki's. :)

I loved it. :)

DPhatsez said...

nice! I like! \m/

fms1988 said...

@ all thanks for reading do keep visiting your comments are highly appreciated :D

Anonymous said...

wow amazing story.very well written
n i loved the moral.its so close to reality which is what i loved about it.anxious and eager to read more

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