Thursday, 30 April 2009

If only

If only..i could let you know
What you mean to me
If only..this heart could show
With you i want to be

Baby your so far away..Yet so near
This love has become my fear
I'm afraid to let go of you
Even though i dont have you

If only.. you could see
With you i want to be
If only..You realised
The day you left my soul died

Your with me in my heart
You run through my veins
I close my eyes & see nothing but you
I open my eyes & see everyone as you

If only.. you loved me
Alone i would never be
If were all mine
This heart would forever shine

Your memories are with me forever
That's all i can now treasure
Your last smile..Your last goodbye
Still makes my heart wanna cry

If only.. you would realise i need you
Like iv never wanted anybody before
If only..You could have waited
I would have told you i love you for sure.
If only.. i was yours
If only...You were mine



Ms.R. said...

This was so sweet and earnest. I m feeling like this right now :) LOve ya babe!

fms1988 said...

@ Ms.R thanks hun.
See im here & i can write wat u feel ...:P scarrry

oo7 said...

very well written ji

oo7 said...

totally in love with the last para...


fms1988 said...

@ 007 thanks !
Keep visiting :)

isha said...

Whoa !!! To say that was beautiful, would be an understatement.

Real good work. :) could feel the painful joy of love.


fms1988 said...

@ Isha thanks for your compliment much appreciated :)

Keep visiting !
x x x

Meghna said...

This was awesome

Now lets get to the blog...

I literally love ur space at first sight :P
Good work to read :)

So, you are an Indian?
Am so glad to find so amny indains around!
But u don't live here, eh??

BTW, what do I call you...DIDI??

fms1988 said...

@ Meghna thnk you sweety for droppin by.
yep u can call me Didi if u want
Unfortunatly i dont live in India although my background is indian :) but i was born & bought up here in UK.
Keep visiting :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

That was simly amazing.....

i doubt if one who is not in love colud write it... unless one is born poet.. :)

That was really good p[iece of poem from you.....

more to see from you..


fms1988 said...

@ Mahesh thanks !
True being in love does help alot with poetry :P initially, it does but then as u get into it u can write what u dont feel aswell & thts just what i have done there.:)

Ananya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananya said...

The poem was awesome.
More than that I loved ur blog. ur blog's name is really good.

Keep writing. I'll keep visiting.

fms1988 said...

@ Ananya thanks a bunch :)

Keep visiting.
x x x

Purva said...

if could be as we wanted it to be :)

love the way you've written

fms1988 said...

@ Purva thanks !
Welcome to my blog keep visiting

R.V said...

I loved this soooo much.. This is my life in your words... As a first time visitor..You have ensured I come back!

fms1988 said...

@ RV wow thats nice to hear u can relate to this.I love it when i write something im not feeling but someone or the other can relate to it,Makes me feel relieved that i havn't penned down any nonsense:P

Will love to see u around again.

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