Saturday, 11 April 2009

Adhuri Kahani.

Just sharing a piece of poetry with you that i wrote a few months ago i dont know what made me write it but i just picked up the pen & by the end of it this is what was left on the paper i didn feel the need to make any changes i just left it the way it was.Was going through some of my writings & as i came across this one the thought of sharing with you all came to mind.
Adhuri Kahani
Tu jo nahi teri yaad mein gumsum rehte hai
Aankhon mein tujhse milne ke sapne rehte hai
Paas aaye jab tu..Beetein lamhe sata ne lagte hai
Palkon pe ashk chalak ne lagte hai

Na janu main..Na jaane tu
Hota hai ye kyun...
Dil milke bichad te hai kyun

Kaisi hai ye mohabbat
Door rehke..Doorie na sahi jaaye
Paas aake paas raha na jaaye
Iss bebasi pe chalta na koi zor
Tootne se kaise roke ye pyar ki dor

Na janu main..Na jaane tu
Hota hai ye kyun...
Dil milke bichad te hai kyun

Rooh mein samaya hai tu
Apne hi rooh ko kaise juda karlu

Roshni se bhada kyun nahi rehta apna jahaan
Andhero mein apne pyar ko main dhundu kahan

Khone lagi kyun apni khushi
Pyar hote huey bhi,Kyun hai ye kahani adhuri
Na jaanu main..Na jaane tu
Hota hai ye kyun
Dil milke bichad te hai kyun.
Let me know what you think !


Hopeless Romantic said...

nice one :) ..i used to write a lot of romantic poems in hindi in my teens...lost the zing n the comfort level over the years with the language..but still it makes me feel so good when i read smthing as good as this !!

fms1988 said...

Amit u make urself sound so kiddin!
thnx 4 readin!!Alot more to come

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

is amit so old ???? :P

Jokes apart.....

your poem really made me think you has that thing in it...

i liked it actually , and my pick of best lines in it are :

Na janu main..Na jaane tu
Hota hai ye kyun...
Dil milke bichad te hai kyun

if i was in your place i would rather change it to

Na janu main..Na jaane tu
Hota hai ye kyun...
Agar bichadna hi hai to
Dil milke te hai kyun

Well thats me...:P

your peom is good :)

you seem to be new here....
welcome to this world.......
its fun here when you make like minded friends.... :)

Chalo take care..


Hopeless Romantic said...

Oye mahesh Uncle....i am nt that old...u cn see my profiel ;)...what i meant was its been so long..almost 8 years i havent written something in hindi:P

was just kidding :P


fms1988 said...

@ Mahesh
Thanks a ton 4 readin,I do like ur way of the verse aswell its real good!
Keep visitin ...
Tk care

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