Sunday, 12 April 2009

Fear Of Love

Love has always been extremely confusing...& for some reason i find myself writing about love even when i don't want to.
Something i wrote a long time back about love & the fear many hold of expressing either because..they know the one they love belongs to another..or simply the fear of rejection.And sometimes despite showing love..they fear to express the depth of it..maybe because..they fear the love they have will be taken for granted or not appreciated ...i dunno..,

Sometimes even before letting love come through the door ...we reject it with fear of losing..but i gaining & losing at least you have the pleasure of gaining maybe for a short while but you still have it.. & it gives you a chance to say "I once had someone who loved me" rather than saying "Iv never had anyone who loved me"..So i say if love comes your way don't reject it.. that just reminds me of a few lines by Mr Javed Akhtar sang by Sonu Nigam "Chahe jo tumhein poore dil se..Milta hai woh mushkil se..Aisa jo koi kahi hai..Bass wohi sabse haseen hai..Uss haath ko tum thaam lo..Woh mehrabaan kal ho na ho"
A lovers mind holds so many unanswered questions...& many unasked answer's...The mystery of love i believe will go on till...The end of time,So let yourself free...into the world of loves mystery.

Dil toh bass chahe ek tujhe
Tere siwa na koi duja pyara lage
Phirbi najane kyun...
haal-e-dil bayaan karne se darte hai

Yakeen toh hai tujhpe
Phirbi najane kyun darte hai
Kahin tu dil na tod de
Kahin humein tanha na chod de

Paas aana chahe par qadam ruk jaate hai
Beetein lamhe yaad aajate hai
Mohabbat hai,ye toh kehte hai
Uski gehrai bayaan karne se..Dil ko rok dete hai

Tu na jaane ga ,hai tu kya mere liye
Shayad jaise woh hai tere liye..

Yakeen toh hai tujhpe
Phirbi najane kyun darte hai
Kahin tu dil na tod de
Kahin humein tanha na chod de

Kyun na todega dil..
Kyun na chodega humein tanha
Uske naam jo kardiya hai
Tune zindagi ka har lamha....


Anonymous said...

I can relate to that so much !!Good work & what you wrote above is very true! Awesome blog.

Priyabrata said...

hiiii this is priyabrata55,india from skype.

you worked well and i loved this and i loved those Sonu Nigam's lines very much and keep it up.Also best of luck

Priyabrata said...

what you write here is univarsal truth and it always have something impact in everyone's life.

tum bahat achha likhi ho

fms1988 said...

Hey Priyabrata

Thanks ever so much for you lovelly comment's !Much appreciated

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