Thursday, 9 April 2009

Introduction to the blog


Firstly a very warm welcome to my blog.This post is to let you know what this blog is all about & what you can expect when you come here.

Firstly & the main reason for the blog is poetry.I am very dedicated to poetry i love reading & writing poetry hindi & english be it long poems or short quotes & Shayri's im up for it all.

Surprisingly even after my great interest in hindi poetry i dont know how to read hindi script neither can i write,So what i do is simply write hindi words with english script (e.g "Najane Kyun") by the way Najane Kyun is also the name of my first published book it consists of 107 poems in hindi.That was published a few years ago.

I will post some of my favourites from the book & also share new pieces with you along with some of my favourite poetry by others & you can share some of your stuff too.

I also study song lyrics a lot as well so i probably will be posting my favourite songs here along with the lyrics.

Also just so that you & i don't get too bored of poetry(well i never seem to get bored of it) i will be sharing news & gossip with you all i mean we all are aware of the fact that nowadays there is always some bizarre headlines that have various views and opinions so i will be sharing some stuff like that , just to let you know my view & you can obviously let me know what you think of everything.And yea il deff be sharing life experiences thoughts basically anything & everything.

I will give my best to make this place happening & interesting but i cant do it all myself i need you all to give me feedback & comments constantly so i know what you guys think of the place & the things i post here & hopefully we shall be having a great time here.

So take care & hoping to see you around here often!



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