Saturday, 18 April 2009

Wishing you goodbye...

Hey..Boy it's been a long time
Thing's going through ma mind
I try a million ways to hide
But..Today it seems it's just gonna flow
You might find it a lil slow
But anyway here i go....

What i did,Now seems so wrong
Was trying hard,To keep alive a bond
You mean so much to me
But i aint nothing to you now i see

I did all i could to hold on to ma promises
But you didn't even care to remember em
I aint saying your a bad guy
I'm just saying today...
I might end up waving you goodbye.

People kept tellin me am wrong
But i held on to you strong
Believing in ma heart..Believing in you
You said so much to make me believe
Left no space for doubt's

They say love always hurts
Oh boy..It surely does
I aint just saying that
My heart has witnessed it
Nothing in life happens just
Everything has a reason, or it must

I can never deny
You changed my life
You Made me strong
Never made me feel I'm so wrong
Taught me to fight for happiness
Hell baby...You turned around
& gave me the most Sadness

Coz of you i started writing
with life i started fighting
People now admire me for that
I surely have something to thank you for now

But boy i cant take this no more
The pain's made my heart so sore
You know i love you true
Without you i feel so blue

Why don't you make up your mind
c'mon honey now be a lil kind
It's getting too much boy
Sayin all this aint givin me no joy

Holding ma love strong
Might be so wrong
But with a tearful sigh
Baby i gotta wish you goodbye

Love don't die i know
But i thought I'll let you go
I promise I'll love you forever
For now departing maybe for the better

I hope one day you see
How much you mean to me
If ever that day comes
I promise I'll give us another chance
Without even giving this painful past a glance

I told you one day your ego will bother you
If you love me somewhere deep
Then today is surely the day when your heart will weep
Your ego aint gonna let you tell me to stop
It aint gonna let you...I know it for sure
Ego never has no cure

Maybe that's why boy
Once again ,I say this with no joy
I'm gonna break down & cry
Baby i gotta wish you a tear full goodbye

You ever miss me
Still waiting i am, you shall see
Baby i cried..
To make you realize ma love i tried
Tried so long..
Kept believing...Tryin aint so wrong
What can i do Now... I'm just tired

Gotta move away ...
Gonna leave my heart at bay
When you need me just come & say
I promise we'll find a new way

Till then ma baby boy
Damn !This gives me no joy
This way maybe we should try
Even if ma heart breaks & i gotta cry
For now.... i just wish you..a pain full
It's been a very long time since i wrote this,As far as i can remember it was around dec 2006 ! I know it's kinda long but this was & is the longest piece by me!
Just came across it so thought I'll share it with you all.
Don't forget to comment..: ) Thank's.


Miss Sunshine said...

Yay, me first to comment on such an awe-inspiring work!
Very touching! :)

Ms.R. said...

I can relate to it from somewhere in my past. Awesome! Me Luuuved IT! :D

fms1988 said...

@ Miss sunshine..Thank's ever so much !:) keep visitng

fms1988 said...

@ Ms.R. Thank youuu..:)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Aww...You know what? It's my first visit to your blog. And I don't know why, But you know, I got this really friendly vibe from your blog. It's lovey. I love Chris Brown :) You've heard forever? I wanna be a writer too :D Even though I don't think I'll ever be one. Your poem was lovely. I like reading stuff like this. You're great in writing. I hope you'll become a great writer one day! Keep blogging! :)

fms1988 said...

@ Cursed thank you soo much..:) yep iv heard forever & i like it too.Keep visiting & thanks for your lovely wishes.

WarmSunshine said...

Thanks for leaving this link on my blog.

You know.... that is exactly how i feel and exactly the kind or words I so want to say right now.

Thank you for this one. I liked it a lot. I could relate to everything it had to say.

Take care sweets :)

fms1988 said...

@ Warm Sunshine:I knew u will b able to relate to it :) i loved writing this one.

Glad u liked it

Keep visiting :)

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