Friday, 17 April 2009

Bizzare news

I read news this morning & when i read this one i was pretty gobsmacked can someone actually do this aswell,So much weird stuff goes on in the world nowadays! last month i read a man jumped into Niagra falls but survived that was bizzare aswell & this was just too much !

A passenger on a charter flight in northern Canada forced open the aircraft's door and leapt to his death, making the freezing cabin depressurise at 23,000ft.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sgt Harold Trupish said the incident happened during a flight to Cambridge Bay, a community in western Nunavut.
The Adlair Aviation King Air 200 twin-engined turboprop ,was about 110 miles from the Cambridge Bay airport when the man jumped.
Staff Sgt Trupish said the pilots reported that the 20-year-old passenger had become unruly and that they were unable to prevent him from jumping.
Police are searching for the body of the man, who was not named.
Paul Laserich, the airline's general manager said the opened door caused the cabin to depressurise, filling the cockpit with a roar of frigid, Arctic air. He praised the pilot for his quick-thinking decision to land the aircraft.
"They brought the ship safely back. Everybody is OK. They are a little shaken up. They are OK. That is what is most important," said Mr Laserich.
The pilot was said to be too distressed to talk to reporters. (

Recession cant hit a 20yr old that bad can it...?Just wondering what could go so wrong in a 20yr old's life that he took such a drastic step !!


Ms.R. said...

o0o0o! Now that's a creative way of commiting suicide!

fms1988 said...

@ Ms.R. you bet!!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Lot of weird people we have in thias world..
just wonder if everyone is unique, is not this unique too??

well few are crazy and we cant help it...

keep writing...:)

fms1988 said...

This sure is a unique & expensive way for suicide.Should have left the ticket money back for his family !Lol
Guess he just wanted to die with an adventure1

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